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  • Daniel DeWeldon

A Sign of the Times for Women's Rights in Film.

A sign of the times, in the last year I have worked on 4 films and a TV series, all progressive for WOMEN'S RIGHTS.

Upcoming "Badland Wives".

Directed by Stephen S. Campanelli

A TV series about a female-driven, 1-hr dark drama and contemporary Western set in an Old West town that is run by sometimes sensible, other times incensed, women. They've got probable cause for their lasso madness... the town is run by a bunch of gold-laundering corrupt businessmen who no longer off their cowboy hats at passerby women. Didn't wives make a lot of the decisions behind their husbands and what they did back in this era? We're just refocusing the lens and bringing the women upfront and personal. While still ineligible to cast ballots in this venomous town, these wives choose to vote with their guns... and they know how to aim better than the men; they had to shoot fowl and pheasant to feed families!

"One Must Fall"

Directed by Antonio Pantoja.

A feature film '80s-themed horror-comedy slasher. Synopsis: A single mom is wrongfully fired from her office job because she won't submit to sexual harassment by her boss and takes on a temp job as part of a crime scene cleanup crew. She's a fish out of water cleaning up the messes left behind from murders and suicides and there has been a string of grisly murders taking place around town. Her newly joined crew gets assigned to the job. With the killer still at large, did he ever leave the scene of the crime?

"Red Kraken"

Directed by Andrii Lantukh.

A film about an old elusive sex addict bites off more than he can chew, by sleeping with the wife of the devil. When the devil shows up at his door, he realizes he is now playing a swirling game with a deranged adversary on a never-ending Friday night.


Directed by Ritchie Greer.

A feature film about a young girl from the foster care system meets a boxing coach and they quickly form a bond based on their mutual struggles with their own addiction. Through his teaching, training, and friendship she is well on her way to recovery and dreams of one-day becoming world champ. This unknown underdog gets a shot at the title against the most feared female fighter in history. But several questions remain; will the truth about her dramatic past derail her efforts, will she somehow survive the fight or even emerge victorious, and will she find a way to tame the inner demon that continues to consume her.

"Fortune's 500"

Directed by A.Y. Miles.

Based on his book "The Lay of La La Land"- A feature film that is the story of Lenny, an obsessive-compulsive psych major, who meets a beautiful, but emotionally unstable girl named Jane, who has plans to enter into a troubling venture. Convinced that something harrowing must have occurred in her childhood, Lenny is compelled to delve into her psyche in the hopes of uncovering the traumatic event of her youth and in turn perhaps stopping her from throwing her life away. His subsequent actions to save her unfold into a darkly comic and often disturbing drama where he will not only discover Jane's dark childhood secret, but he will also uncover her true agenda, and realize that nothing about her is what it appears to be.


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