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"Daniel De Weldon star of Chaser TV series produced by Buffalo 8 Films and Jeremy Howe CBS's Young Sheldon"

Daniel de Weldon, hailing from both Austria and the United States, is an actor and writer whose roots extend from the vibrant streets of Washington, D.C. to the picturesque landscapes of Newport, Rhode Island. Raised under the artistic guidance of sculptor 

Tan Sri Felix W. de Weldon.


Immersing himself in the study of theatrical arts, Daniel underwent a six-year master's program, honing his craft under the teachings of Uta Hagen. Later, he presented himself to the revered Actors Studio, where he seized the coveted title of Lifetime Member. Guided by the likes of Al Pacino, Lou Antonio, Barbara Bain, Martin Landau, and Mark Rydell. 


Daniel's performances have garnered him multiple Critics' Choice accolades. NPR, recognizing his exceptional talent, has also thrust his name into the spotlight. Notably, critics have drawn striking comparisons between Daniel's performances and the iconic likes of Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Daniel Craig. 



The world of theater has always been a passion for de Weldon, showcasing his extraordinary talent and garnering the praise of critics. In 2007, he captivated audiences with his performance in John Patrick Shanley's "Danny & The Deep Blue Sea," earning a remarkable 

15 Critics' Choice, including The Los Angeles Times Chief Critic Charles McNulty.


Further cementing his status as a versatile actor, de Weldon took the stage in 2009 alongside three-time Emmy Award-winning actress Barbara Bain in "The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later." This grand production, hosted by Glenn Close and presented in 150 cities worldwide, showcased de Weldon's exceptional acting prowess. His ability to embody complex characters was further exemplified in the 2013 production of "A Muse of Fire," where he starred opposite Frances Fisher. 


In 2016, de Weldon stole the spotlight in "Kingdom of Earth" by Tennessee Williams at The Odyssey Theater, receiving multiple Critics' Choice for his outstanding performance. Always one to push his artistic boundaries, de Weldon is currently working on the development of "Red," a theatrical production based on famed Jewish Litvak painter Mark Rothko (Ilia Volok) and his assistant Ken (de Weldon). This exciting project, written by John Logan and directed by Michael Arabian, promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of artistry and storytelling in 2024.



While his achievements on the stage are formidable, de Weldon's talent extends seamlessly into the realm of television. Currently, he graces the leading role of Gar Madden in the upcoming TV series, "Chaser." With executive producer Jeremy Howe at the helm, this highly anticipated show is set to captivate audiences and is scheduled for a major network release in the summer of 2023. Already, "Chaser" has made waves, winning the prestigious Best TV Series award at the Birmingham Film & TV Festival in 2023. Moreover, de Weldon's outstanding performance earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at Britain's Breaking-TV Film Festival. 


Prior to his success in the TV series "Chaser," de Weldon showcased his acting prowess in the TV pilot series "Badland Wives." Directed by the talented Stephen Campanelli, known for his work on acclaimed films such as "Sully" and "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri," this series premiered in Los Angeles in March 2019, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.


It is in the horror genre where de Weldon truly showcases his versatility and command over his craft. His portrayal of an active duty US Army Special Forces soldier suffering from chronic PTSD in the feature film "Anonymous 616," directed by Mike Boss, earned him critical acclaim. Garnering the "Best Actor" award at IMDB's 13 Horror Film Festival and several other festival nominations. de Weldon's performance has etched a lasting impression on audiences around the world. 


Notably, Horrorphilia bestowed upon him the "Best Actor" 1st Honorable Mention for "Anonymous 616," alongside Tilda Swinton "Best Actress" 1st Honorable Mention, Matt Dillon "Best Actor" and Toni Collette "Best Actress". solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the genre. de Weldon has received rave reviews for his starring feature film roles in "Underdog", "Weekend Warriors", "One Must Fall", and "The Lay of La La Land". Currently all playing on network streaming online.


Beyond his on-screen accomplishments, de Weldon has also proven himself to be a gifted writer. With four screenplays under his belt, three of which are currently in development, he is set to make a lasting impact in the world of film. Notably, he is proud to announce that a biopic on his father's life, titled "Monumental," has received a deal option from 2021 Emmy Award-Winning Producer Maria S. Schlatter of George Schlatter Productions. 


de Weldon's love for writing also extends to articles published on In these insightful pieces, he delves into his experiences and reflections on his life and career, providing readers with a unique glimpse into his time at The Actors Studio and his process as an actor. Through his writing, de Weldon demonstrates not only his exceptional skills as an actor but also his ability to articulate his thoughts and experiences with great clarity and depth.



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